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ACS are Sydney’s concreting specialists. There's no job too big or small and we can offer and assist urgent projects

We specialise in all types of concreting but our niche is polished concrete floors, Benchtops, slabs, topping slabs, architectural stairs, curved stairs, cantilevered BBQ benches and more. With over 30 years of experience in both form working and concreting our team can handle any tricky or detailed project.


Concreting is the process of placing concrete into preformed moulds of formwork. These moulds can include the ground slab for your house, stairs, walls , benches or a simple driveway. Our formwork moulds can also be pre fabricated off site if there is minimal access on your job and delivered and installed when you are ready allowing you not to waste any time and finish your project on time.

There are many types of concrete for both residential and commercial use. Concrete comes in many colours and has a huge variety of uses. Importantly concrete needs to be placed by trained, and skilled professional concrete contractors to ensure it services the purpose of which it was designed for many decades to come.

Our concrete mixes are specially designed by a concrete provider Holcim Geostone. There are many types of concrete from a general concrete mix of 20 MPA to a higher 60 MPA for quick setting options. 

Or choose from a designer mixes from architectural grey, architectural black to architectural white that are designed for polished concrete floors,  entertaining areas is specially designed low shrinkage mixes that are suitable for pool areas, indoor living areas, bathrooms and more, the options are many .


ACS has over 30 years of experience in detailed form-working we service all Sydney areas including the southern highlands. We pride ourselves on having the option to offer predominant arrangements. We work closely with most of our customers to ensure that the structure and build is to the clients and architects liking. ACS specialises in all detailed formwork designer formwork, In situ formwork, precast formwork but as mentioned our Niche a detailed curves stairs pool coping walls bench seats Benchtops, all the tricky formwork jobs you could think of.

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