Need a new Driveways or Resurface your existing one?

ACS has been providing Sydney clients with architectural designed driveways for over 30 years.

From Plain grey Federation style concrete driveway to colour through driveways ,exposed aggregate to Stamped concrete ,and if you wish to repair or revamp your driveway we can also provide a resurfacing option with a selection of colours of your choice,We also supply a high-pressure wash system and a sealing service that will increase the lifespan of your driveway.


If you have a new home concrete driveways are usually included in the package deal for your house contract, this is usually more expensive or the options are limited to plain or coloured concrete. ACS can provide you with a free quote and the options are limitless.

ACS concrete driveways will add value to your home, safety and durability. Our driveways are guaranteed to last a lifetime and we can promise you a beautiful well done Concrete driveway that all you neighbours will envy. Expose the aggregate of your driveway revealing the beautiful natural look of the stone. Our provider Holcim Geostone has a wide selection of exposed aggregate mixes that will fit your needs, view their range here.

Or select a wide range of colour thru options, the advantage of colour thru is that the colour is premixed at the plant. The colour is mixed through the entire concrete producing a uniform Mix whereas with other providers they superficially add the coloured concrete to the surface of the concrete which is a Less durable option. Our designer concrete driveways can also be sealed protecting the driveway from harsh elements, stains while increasing its life Span.

Our Process

The sub base of our driveways are firstly levelled to the correct levels, then our formwork is installed whether it be curved Or straight . The edge boards are then braced eliminating any deflection or movement when concrete is poured. ACS also uses a conform product that enables the formwork to be specially curved to suit your needs. No curve or circle is too difficult.

Our next process is probably one of the most important, a sub base material which is made of crushed concrete or concrete dust is spread out evenly to eliminate any humps or holes in the sub base of the driveway which can cause cracking, this uniform subbase eliminates any weak spots under the concrete driveway slab and insures a structurally sound driveway.

Our driveways are then reinforced with SL 72 or SL 82 and N12 bars are installed to every internal corner reducing the risk of shrinkage cracking. Concrete is installed using a pump and levelled off with a screed and floated to cover any holes on the surface of the driveway. Concrete is then edged and trowelled by our specialised Concreters and depending on the finish required from the client Concrete is coved, broomed or textured finished.

24 hours after pouring your concrete driveway the formwork is removed and Concrete is sawcut to specially designed areas to minimise cracking. Concrete can be sealed within 24 hours using a specially formulated same-day sealer for a durable, long lasting driveway that will last for years.

Types of Driveway Finishes

Our Latest Driveways & Resurfacing Projects

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