Stairs & Benchtops

Give your home a modern touch

ACS is Sydney’s leading concrete installer that has decades of experience installing concrete stairs and benchtops that can be precast or formed on site with countless options and finishes that will compliment any environment.

Concrete Stairs

Over the years we have developed a system that is full proof, reliable and architecturally pleasant to the eye. ACS specialises in all types of polished concrete stairs from precast treads and rises to architectural floating treads with lighting that will transform your interior or exterior design. Spruce up your stair design by using our floating stair system, or make an impression with curved internal stairs. Weather you wish to incorporate our Concrete designed stairs to your entrance, pool area or entertaining area we cover all bases and can provide many specialised mixes and features.  

Concrete Benchtops

ACS produces the finest quality concrete designed Benchtops, Bars, BBQ Benchtops, Day Beds, Bench Seats, Kitchen vanity’s and more. Personally handcrafted by our team to suit our clients needs, our concrete Benchtops are functional and beautiful, plus they are inherently durable and easy to clean and maintain. All of our mixes are specially designed by our supplier Geostone Holcim, fibres and additives are added to reduce shrinkage cracks and ACS reinforces the concrete insuring a structurally sound concrete product. Reinforcement allows for seamless concrete spans up to 3m with waterfall edges or overhangs that are just not possible with Granite.

A complete custom solution.

The biggest advantage is that our benchtops are completely customisable with endless options and features. Concrete can be left as natural grey, revealing the beauty of a matte, burnished or shiny benchtop finish. You can also incorporate colours or aggregate of your choice into the mix to give your concrete benchtop a unique look like no other. Natural stone like White Cowra, basalt, limestone and many more choices can be added ground down and sealed to reveal its natural beauty and replicate the look of granite, marble, or even woodgrain. You can cast in features like drains, sinks, cutting boards, trivets or even hidden LED lighting. ACS concrete benchtops can be made on site (insitu) when you’re renovating or building your new home or kitchen or they can be pre-casted offsite so they can be installed promptly.

Our Latest Stairs & Benchtop Projects

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